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Touch of Minimalism has been proudly providing high quality organizing and design services since 2012. What differentiates us from other organizing companies is our ability to truly connect with our clients, and provide the exceptional, compassionate, curated experiences they deserve. To learn more, simply browse through our site.


About Touch of Minimalism

Curated Organizing + Beautiful Design

= Touch of Minimalism


Let's go ahead and address the big PINK elephant in the room, we are NOT your ordinary organizing company.

Now that we have that out of the way....

Touch of Minimalism offers a NEW and FRESH approach in beautifying and organizing your most loved spaces. With our curated minimalistic designs, we work with our clients to STREAMLINE & SIMPLIFY their spaces to provide what they call "Living their best Lives." 


This concept just didn't happen overnight. Our Principal Organizer Brit has years of experience in strategically organizing home and office spaces to provide SUSTAINABILITY & STYLE. 

So how can we curate together?

 Take a look at the services we offer and let's chat! The consultation is on US!


Touch of Minimalism Services

Where Simplicity & Style meets Organizing Design


Decluttering + Organizing

We get it...

Your space is your space and the reality is that sometimes daily life lends itself to clutter. 

Our decluttering process is simple and focused. No magic spells, just a focused approach, a keen eye for organizing, someone to coordinate the details and an extra set of hands to ensure it gets done well.

Touch of Minimalism can help you declutter and uncover square footage you never knew you even had.  We save you time by doing the thinking, designing, simplifying and re-organizing. 

As a result, we leave you with spaces that are as stylish as they are functional.


Technology Organizing Consultation

Being a Techie Maven is kinda our thing! Whether you are team Amazon Alexa or team Google Home we champion setting up smart home  products to work for you and your family!

So you ask, why should I intergrate technology into my home?

1. Save Money - By programing your Lights and HVAC system.
2. Home Safety - Know your family and valuables are safe while you're away.
3. Work - Stay organized and productive by integrating your calendars, to-do list and more!
4. Play - Program special apps to get your family and guest involved on the fun!

Ready to work together to make your home technology bring you and yours JOY!  Book your free consultation today!

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